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Hello and thank you for stopping by my website.

I am a Professional Chef From Johnson & Wales University

IBNFC Certified in Nutritional Coach

IBNFC Certified Health Coach

dotFIT Certified Fitness Professional 

  1. I run a 12 week program that will help you to reach your healthy goals, learn to cook foods you and your family love without sacrificing taste or quality

  2. Help you to learn to develop new habits and replace  the unhealthy ones 

  3. My program is done at your convenience in the comfort of your home, it does involve reading about how your body handles foods, To help identify real hunger and psychological hunger

  4. Sets you on a path to get to your goals , one step at a time with me walking along with you on your path

  5. Email , text and phone support always available  

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is an Online Nutrition Coach?

An Online Nutritional Coach Is Someone who is with you at all times, I design Your program just for you and work together for the duration of your program to help you reach your goals. No driving to the office to meet me . And you do all the recipes  whether you are skilled cook or just dabble in wanting to make healthy meals for yourself and family

Every Diet I have tried I always give up on. How do I know this is going to be different?

I do not consider this a "diet" Diets are designed to restrict you on the foods you usually enjoy. My program is designed to let you still enjoy your foods, we just learn about better portion controls and I also design my recipes to remove the unhealthy items and replace with healthier options. As a Professional Chef I promise that you won't know the difference in the meals you make

What forms of payment does Balance Way Nutrition take?

I take pay pal and credit card, payments can be paid up front or monthly

What Happens When I Finish Your program?

Once you are comfortable when the program nears it's end you can continue to stay in the membership site , You'll still get all the monthly access to new menus, weekly emails from me and newsletters concentrating on healthy habits. 

And If you're not quite comfortable just yet you can continue with the program

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