So before we go any further you are probably wondering

"Who the hell is this guy"?

First off I am a Professional Chef who has turned his passion into helping people get healthier with easy menu plans 

I know after working in restaurants for many years that the foods you get there are good, But most places give you 2-3 portions in one entree!

Obesity is a health crisis in this country right now and most people are confused about what foods to eat and generally just are too busy to figure out all the diet confusion out there and struggle with making healthier meals.

My plan is simple, I work along side of you by first having you understand what your nutrition struggles are . Then over the course of 8 short weeks I help you to develope new healthier habits replacing some old unhealthy habits, supply you great tasting eay to make recipes, an app for your phone to follow the program and weekly checkins 

An easy to follow exercise plan to help burn the extra fat off using your body weight in the safe convenience of your home 

I am a IBNF Certified Nutrition Coach from Venice Nutrition

IBNFC Certified Health Coach From Venice Nutrition

Certified online Coaching Specialist from Fitness Business Institute

NCCPT Certified Weight Management Specialist


Let's Talk ! 

Chef Bob